COURBEVOIE (Métropole Grand Paris)

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The pioneering festival for
a fairer and more sustainable
world, in harmony with nature


to prepare
the future

A PIONEER FESTIVAL revolving around the stakes and solutions of sustainable development, the Atmospheres Festival has questioned tomorrow’s world for about 13 years through the lenses of cinema, arts, and sciences.
ENTIRELY FREE, the festival welcomes a large intergenerational public every year of about 15,000 attendees and 3,000 schoolchildren.

ITS VISION? To put culture at the service of ecological and social transition.
ITS PROMISE? To propose a multidisciplinary program accessible to all – inspiring, playful and resting on solid scientific foundations.
ITS AMBITION? To prepare the future through the sharing of knowledge, emotions, experiences and solutions, while maintaining the importance of dreaming – reality’s driving force.

The Festival's Godmothers and Godfathers

Claire Nouvian
Militante écologiste et fondatrice de l’association BLOOM
Swann Arlaud
Sébastien Folin
Producteur et réalisateur
Pauline Zarrouk
Guillaume Meurice
Humoriste, auteur et comédien
Sabrina Krief
Vétérinaire et primatologue
Mathieu Kassovitz
Acteur, réalisateur, producteur et scénariste
Reza Deghati
Heïdi Sevestre
Hélène Courtois
Camille Etienne
Comédienne et auteure de Pensée Sauvage 
Marie-Odile Monchicourt
Auteure et Journaliste scientifique
Jean-Pierre Bibring
Blanca Li
Danseuse et Chorégraphe
Pierre Richard
Acteur, réalisateur, scénariste et producteur
Michel Spiro
Physicien Français
Pierre Niney
Acteur / Réalisateur / Scénariste
Anna A-R
Chanteuse, autrice, compositrice et actrice
Cyril Dion
Auteur, réalisateur, poète et activiste
Marion Cotillard
Jean Jouzel
Paléo-climatologue et glaciologue
Claire Keim
Hubert Reeves
Clémentine Célarié
Actrice et réalisatrice
Marianne Denicourt
Actrice et réalisatrice

Op-ed 2024

« The ocean is probably the cradle of life, climate regulator , the ocean feeds us and it is also an incredible reservoir of biodiversity, if the atmosphere acts like our skin, the ocean is our blood. »

The 14th edition will feature a transdisciplinary Cinema-Arts-Science program with a focus on the Ocean, to share scientific knowledge on the protection of marine ecosystems, the exploitation of resources, and the impact of climate from land.

The year 2024 is the Year of the Sea, which is also the theme of the Fête de la Science: « An Ocean of Knowledge ». France is the world’s second-largest maritime power, and will host the United Nations Ocean Conference in June 2025. In an interconnected world, topics such as food, agriculture, decarbonization, just transition and mobility will be addressed in a variety of formats.

Pascal Signolet, Founder and General Delegate

The 14th edition

This year’s program

  • More than 20 movie previews: fictions and documentaries
  • Encounters with film crews and experts
  • Talks and conferences on society, science, ocean, biodiversity…
  • Exhibitions, workshops…
  • Special evenings: shows, cinema…
  • School students at the festival
  • One day dedicated to businesses and organizations
  • A village with agents of change

The Festival's Godmothers and Godfathers 2024


Militante écologiste et fondatrice de l’association BLOOM
Marraine scientifique


Parrain artistique


Producteur et réalisateur
Président d'honneur

New narratives

Divinities, heroes, fantastic epics, art, currency, conquests, power: humanity’s great achievements have been shaped by mythologies. And what if what constitutes « living together » depends on what we collectively tell ourselves? Feature films, series, audio dramas and short films are formidable tools for inspiring imaginations. To help make new, hopeful stories a reality, the festival organizes free competitions open to all, as well as a year-long program to support scriptwriters.

School students

The Atmosphères 21 association is offering a cultural action program for young people entitled: « an ocean of knowledge and action », in line with the theme of the Fête de la science 2024.

For primary, secondary and high school students, experience is essential for integrating complex societal issues. Constructed in line with the official school curriculum, the course is built around different pedagogical approaches:

  • Inspire: participation in film screenings on environmental and social issues, followed by debates with experts to create a constructive, intergenerational dialogue;
  • Nourish: enrichment of career plans, by developing knowledge and skills through a presentation of science-related careers;
  • Do: experimentation through workshops


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Short Films Contest

International Contest – French Version or Original Version with French Subtitles. Topic: “The Dream Life”.
Deadline for Submissions: August 31st, 2024.

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Script Contest

Fiction Feature Films’ Script Contest. Topic: “Positively engage our imaginations”.
Deadline for Submissions: July 31st, 2024.

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Submit a Film

International Contest – Unreleased Feature Film (Fiction or Documentary).
Deadline for Submissions: August 15th, 2024.

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