Atmospheres Festival

Atmosphères Festival is an international film festival dedicated to sustainable development, such as presented by the UNESCO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Widely recognised as a leading Parisian and national event, Atmosphere reaches more that 14 000 participants each year. Free and accessible to all, the festival understands the world in a creative way and opens the debate to every form of creation : cinema, shows, exhibitions, participative animations, meetings with scientists and artists… The festival uses art and science together, giving the public keys to understand the world, in order to build an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable future.

2018 in a few words

Last year, the 15 000 festival-goers enjoyed a variety of 22 French and international movies (fictions and documentaries) such as First Man (by Damien Chazelle) on opening night, Jane (by Brett Morgan) about the life of the world famous scientist Jane Goodall, Après Demain (by Cyril Dion), that presents many solutions and actions ordinary people all aver the world are taking to build a better future, and many other movies. You can find the movie program (in French) for 2018’s edition here.

Since 2018, the festival has integrated independent video games to its program, such as Inside or Shadow of the Colossus . In parallel with our video game events, visitors are also invited to discover unique proximity with wild animals in virtual reality. Teleporting the public as close as possible to wild animals. Creating another way to interrogate our future.

And about 2019

Our new edition’s poster – Julie Jup x Atelier Les Filles

Besides its movie selection, this new edition( of festival atmosphere) , from the 8th to the 13th of October 2019( Peut-être pas utile de mettre la date) , bases its program on three important points: Gender Equality, Life below water and on land, and Astronomy. To that end and with many organizations attending the Festival, it will be possible for the audience to discover permaculture, famous female scientists, biodiversity in many different ways, exhibitions to meet endangered species and so many other wonderful things…

Stay tuned to know everything about this new edition, program 2019 is coming !

Useful info

Location :
First-ring Parisian Suburbs (Courbevoie and Paris-La Défense)

Date :
9th edition, 8th to 13th October 2019


Atmosphères 21
132 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris, France
(+33) 180 489 065

Movies programmer :
Pascal Signolet – General

Coordination :
Justine Garzitto –